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Inch Loss Body Wrap

Clinically proven and tested to ensure you lose inches off your body. Ideal to squeeze into that party dress or suit and excellent to help with diet and fitness programme. Guaranteed to stay off for up to 28 days! Can lose up to 12 inches!


£45.00     ½ Body Wrap

£50.00     Full Body Wrap

Your Toning Solutions

The perfect anti-ageing treatments for firming, toning and elasticizing the skin. A bespoke body wrap, with either remineralizing thermal waters in a creamy mud, or nourishing and elasticizing active ingredients enveloped in a cocooning mask, will deeply renew the skin and promote collagen synthesis.

£60.00   Elasticizing Wrap

Biphasic Mask – 60 mins. A replenishing treatment for restoring perfect tone, elasticity

and restoring moisture balance. Leaving the skin soft, silky and compact. A sensorial

cocooning experience and the perfect body treatment for a soft toned skin. Ideal for skins

that are dry and depleted as a pre and after sun treatment.


£60.00   Muscle and Joint thermal Wrap

Sublime Skin – 60 mins. A powerful lifting facial targeting sagging cheeks, jowls, chin

and neck for a visible rejuvenating effect. The advanced mask helps to oxygenate skin

cells and gives an instant firming effect. The result is a beautifully nourished, illuminated,

firmer and lifted skin.

Your Remodelling Solutions

Personalised treatment aimed at reshaping, slimming and sculpting the most troublesome areas, along with specific steps to target cellulite, even the most resistant! The perfect compliment to your diet and exercise routine.

£60.00   Draining and Slimming

Bagni Di Pisa Thermal Mud Therapy - 60mins. An intensive treatment with thermal

water from Bagni Di Pisa with detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions. A blend of essential

oils encourages a profound purification of the tissues while the fucus and laminaria algae

promote lypolytic action.


£60.00   Intense Slimming

Thermogenic Attack Therapy – 60 mins. An intensive treatment with thermogenic

action specifically for profound and resistant cellulite imperfections. Improves

microcirculation and promotes remodelling of the body.

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