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Facial treatment

Facial treatments from The Body Clinic

We have an extensive range of facial treatments available for you, to get you looking your best and help you to relax.

Each facial includes a tranquil welcoming ritual, which renders a Comfortzone treatment even more special, inducing a deep relaxation and increasing the enjoyment of the experience. All facials include a scalp and foot massage.

Our treatments:

Facials by Comfortzone

£37.00 Skin Resonance (Sensitive/sensitized/delicate skin)
This treatment is strengthening, rebalancing and protective, for reactive skin that is subject to redness. It diffuses redness and the skin regains compactness, nourishment and tone, leaving a pleasant feeling of wellness.

£38.00 Hydramemory
A deeply hydrating treatment that results in renewed moisture and silkiness. Returns hydrobalance to the epidermis which contributes to prolonging youthful skin.

£40.00 Active pureness rebalancing
Ideal for oily, dull and impure skin. A deep cleansing treatment to render the skin fresh, supple and regenerated.

£48.00 Collagen Chrono Reverser
Intensity treatment to resurface, revitalise and deeply hydrate the skin. Leaves skin with perfect texture, plumped lines and subtly moisturised skin with a long lasting glow.

£50.00 Glorious Skin
Anti-ageing treatment which gives instant tone and radiance. This treatment offers the cosmetic solution for an immediate lifting effect without surgery. The new 'Plump and Lift'.

£27.00 Glorious Skin Express
In a rush, need a quick fix? Glorious Skin has now been adapted for those with less time on their hands.


A comfortable non surgical treatment which delivers a gentle yet very effective abrasion of the skin, revealing a much brighter, fresher and more even textured skin.
Ideal for patchy pigmentation, wrinkles, lines, scarring, acne and stretch marks etc.

Micro-Dermabrasion will provide the answers! The celebrities' favourite treatment!

£40.00 Basic
£55.00 Luxury

Upgrade your Micro-Dermabrasion treatment to include an active mineral mask and massage. This treatment is for those who want that little bit more.

Recommended course of up to six treatments.
Book and pay for 5 and receive the 6th treatment free.

Non-surgical eye and facial procedures

We also offer non-surgical eye and facial procedures, which are ideal for crow's feet and fine or deep lines. Producing fantastic results, we include collagen eye/lip pads in the treatment.

Non-surgical facials

£32.00 Dermalift eye lifting treatment
£175.00 Course of 6 eye lifting treatments
£265.00 Course of 10 eye lifting treatments
£55.00 Non-surgical facial
£295.00 Course of 6 facial treatments
£485.00 Course of 10 facial treatments

For best results, a course of 6-10 treatments are recommended depending on the skin's condition. Treatments should be taken in blocks of intensity of 2/3 a week, followed by monthly maintenance.


Combined Ultrasound and Light Therapy

Dull lifeless skin, blotchy uneven patches, age spots, post acne scarring, stretch marks, redness and sallow tones... Combining proven technologies of Ultrasonic and Light Therapy, the Dermalift Genesis will not only treat the conditions mentioned above, but also a whole myriad of common skin ailments that affect people of all ages with all skin types.

Dermalift Genesis is just the tonic your skin needs.

£45.00 Face
£20.00 Body (15 mins)

Recommended course of up to six treatments.
Book and pay for 5 receive the 6th treatment free.

Eye treatments
Our eyelash tinting treatments include a complimentary scalp massage.
Skin testing 24 hours prior to treatments.

£10.00 Eyelash tint
£7.00 Eyebrow tint
£15.00 Lash and brow tint
£7.50 Eyebrow shape
£16.00 Lash tint and brow shape
£22.00 Lash tint, eyebrow tint and shape

Finally, we offer a range of brow and lash shaping and colouring services.


For facial treatments from The Body Clinic, call
01793 608 820

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