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Woman receiving a soothing head massage

Holistic Touch

£27.00     Indian Head Massage

Involves pressure and massage techniques on scalp, neck and shoulders to

relieve muscular tension, sinusitis and migraine.


£34.00     Reflexology

Aims to bring the body back into balance emotionally and physically, using

pressure point massage. Recommended course of up to 6 treatments. Book

5 get 6th one free!

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Lady receiving a deep tissue massage
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Achieve balance through wellbeing

Holistic & massage treatments

Massage Treatments

Deep Tissue Massage

Our most popular massage treatment deep tissue Swedish massage reduces

muscular tension and knots by getting right to the problem area.


£31.00     Back, Neck and Shoulder

£36.00     Intense Back, Neck and Shoulder

£44.00     Full Body

£27.00     Legs – Front and Back

£36.00     Back and Back of Legs


Aromatherapy Massage

This massage is ideal for stress, tension, insomnia, arthritis, PMT, menopause,

depression or relaxation. Includes pressure massage on the scalp and full body.


£36.00    Back, Neck and Shoulders

£48.00     Full Body


Hot Stone Therapy Massage

It is a fabulous treatment that works 10 times more deeply than hand

massage. Benefits are that muscle knots can be smoothed out more easily

and less painfully, making you feel truly relaxed and cosseted.


£37.00     Back, Neck and Shoulder

£57.00     Full Body