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Spa Packages for Men and Women

£42.00      Unwinder

Relax with a back, neck and shoulder massage and mini facial. Includes scalp

and foot massage.


£46.00      Deluxe Unwinder

Indulge in a hot stones back, neck and shoulder massage with mini facial.

Includes scalp and foot massage.


£50.00      Turkish Delight

Monticelli mud back cleanse, followed by a warming hot stones back

massage. Scalp and foot massage to finish.


£65.00   Tranquility Pro-Sleep Massage - 60 mins

This innovative body treatment leads to a profound state of relaxation, working

the muscular, nervous and emotional levels, and stimulating three different sensorial



Olfactive Pathway

The exclusive blend of cedarwood and sweet orange essential oils

helps to release mind and body.


Tactile Pathway

The specific touch with its pressure and rhythm activates some sensorial receptors,

among which are the C fibres, responsible for pleasant sensations derived from the

mother’s caresses to her child.


Hearing Pathway

This special Tranquillity Sound has been purposely created to induce a state of deep rest

and a balanced, regenerated mind.


Go ahead, pamper yourself.

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