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Body Treatment

Body treatments from The Body Clinic

From Comfortzone body treatments to body wraps and massages, we have all the services you need to relax and unwind, invigorate and refresh, get in shape and get yourself looking and feeling fabulous.

Body treatments by Comfortzone:

£46.00 Aromatic Body Touch
This deep hydrating anti stress treatment renews the skin through complete exfoliation and hydration. Resulting in a feeling of well being, relaxation and softened skin.

£48.00 D -Age
A body firming and facial line softening treatment to counteract lack of skin tone. Improved elasticity, reduced appearance of existing stretch marks and aid in prevention of new ones. Leaves skin silky smooth and pleasantly scented.

£48.00 Anti Cellulite
A complete contouring, anti cellulite, refining treatment. Resulting in a toned and remodelled body contour.

Holistic touch

£25.00 Indian head massage
Involves pressure and massage techniques on scalp, neck and shoulders to relieve muscular tension, sinusitis and migraine.

£32.00 Reflexology
Aims to bring the body back into balance emotionally and physically, using pressure point massage. Recommended course of up to six treatments. Book five and get the sixth one free!

Body Toning

Body Toning (20mins is equivalent to 350 sit ups!) electro-pads to stimulate muscle to work while you lie down and relax.

£18.50 Body Toning Treatment
£90.00 Course of 6
£170.00 Course of 12

Inch Loss Body Wrap

Clinically proven and tested to ensure you lose inches off your body. Ideal to squeeze into that party dress or suit and excellent to help with a diet and fitness programme.
Guaranteed to stay off for up to 28 days! Can lose up to 12 inches! Includes hand and foot massage to help you completely relax.

£45.00 1/2 Body Wrap
£50 Full Body Wrap

Vani T Airbrush Tan

The Rolls Royce of Spray Tans!

£25.00 Full Body
£20.00 Upper Body
£15.00 Legs

You need to exfoliate immediately prior to treatment and shave or wax 24 hours before for an even tan. Note: tan WILL NOT TAKE on skin which has been washed or moisturised with the DOVE SKINCARE RANGE. You need a week of alternative shower gel and moisturisers to ensure Dove has been removed from the skin area. Suitable and safe for pregnant women.

Massage treatments:

Deep tissue massage

Our most popular massage treatment deep tissue Swedish massage reduces muscular tension and knots by getting right to the problem area.

£42.00 Full body
£26.00 Back, neck and shoulder
£32.00 Intense back, neck and shoulder
£25.00 Legs – front and back
£32.00 Back and back of legs

Aromatherapy massage

This massage is ideal for stress, tension, insomnia, arthritis, PMT, menopause, depression or relaxation. Includes pressure massage on the scalp and full body.

£28.50 Back, neck and shoulders
£45.00 Full body

Hot stone therapy massage

It is a fabulous treatment that works 10 times more deeply than hand massage. Benefits are that muscle knots can be smoothed out more easily and less painfully, making you feel truly relaxed and cosseted.

£30.00 Back, neck and shoulder
£55.00 Full body


£13.50 ½ Leg
£16.50 ¾ Leg
£20.00 Full leg
£10.00 Fore arms
£15.00 Full arms
£14.50 Shoulders
£8.50 Underarm
£35.00 Back & chest
£18.00 Back or chest
£5.00 Lip or chin
£9.00 Lip & chin
£8.50 Bikini line
£12.00 High leg bikini
£17.00 Hollywood
£15.00 Upper back / Brazilian

Massage Room

For beauty treatments from The Body Clinic, call and book an appointment on 01793 608 820

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